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Thank you!


How can I express how much I am thankful.... I am Not only for my family, and friends but my customers as well. If it were not for you Harmonized Healing and Balancing would not exist! I don’t have the right words to let every single person know who volunteered to let me work on them how much I appreciate you taking out time from your day to let me practice and learn all that I could from you! There was over 100 people whom I got to learn from before I even opened to doors to Harmonized Healing and Balancing. And every person since then that has walked through my door and the future ones to come I promise to learn everything that I can from you and to pass along that knowledge in my next session that may need the tidbits of information that you have given to me. You may have said that you don't like my hand position or that I could improve in another way. I will take that with me. Even if you don't realize that I am learning from you I am! It may be how you console your baby while you are here or you tell me how you get your toddler to sleep, or maybe you have a unique way of dealing with negative people, or how you are dealing with grief. I promise I am listening to you and taking in all that you say. I promise to keep your information Private! I promise to give you the best care that I can give you to the best of my abilities.


To my Teacher Dr. Carol, Thank you for taking on teaching others how to do what you do! For telling your stories so people like me can understand! You are truly an amazing person, how I wish I could have all of your knowledge at the tips of my fingers! But as you have told me everything happens for a reason! If my life had not dealt me the cards I was given I would have never discovered the joys of Craniosacral Therapy! Thank you for helping me balance not only my family but myself as well! 


I will continue to learn from not only my clients, But I will continue to educate myself in other areas, everyone can be a teacher. I plan on learning more about Reiki and other techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy, as well as other Therapies as well. If you have something that you would like me to offer please let me know. I can only grow personally as well as professionally if I get feedback from multiple sources. You may know about something I have never heard about before and I would love to hear about it!  


To my Family thank you for being my support system!

Cameren, you have taken it upon yourself to help where you can when you can. You are turning into an amazing young man! You are my duck showing me how to let things roll off my back and how not to dwell on the negative and to laugh instead! Thank you!

Corbin, you my son have grown by leaps and bounds and have showed me so much! If you had not challenged me in everyway I would have never saught out alternitive methods to help you. Thank you for being you and giving me reason to search out alternatives ways! You have taught me new ways to handle things that I never knew I would have to deal with. You have made me laugh, cry and be teriffied for your life. We made it through little man, and we will continue to forage through this thing called life and we will win, no matter the struggle! 

Trinity, although you are no longer a baby in the physical you will always be my baby! (No matter how much you dislike me calling you my baby girl!) I see myself in you and ways that I can improve. You teach me every day to look at the world in a new light. Thank you!

To Tyler, I may not talk with you everyday but you have taught me a kind of love that cannot be described. I think of you daily! Know that I love you beyond words I will always be here for you no matter the time or distance! You have taught me how to forgive myself for the things that I cannot control! I bet you had no idea! Thank you!

To My Husband, Wow look where life has brought us! It has given us one heck of a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs and everything in-between. I know that I can catch a case of the crazies and take on far too much every once in a while, yet you stand tall holding down the fort until the tides have calmed. You are my anchor, my sounding wall, and my heart! I could not be doing this without you! I LOVE you more than you could ever know!

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