What can I expect during a Cranial Sacral Therapy session?

During a client session they will stay full dressed. If you are a first time client I spend some time talking with you and finding out a little bit about you and why you came. You will then fill out a small health history. Then I go over and check to see where the body needs aligning. I normally start at the feet but I may start other places depending on what needs to be balanced. I then work my way with a light touch across the body checking as I go. Most of my clients start to feel very relaxed. Some fall asleep some stay awake and talk. There is no right or wrong answer or behavior to healing. Your body knows best. In the back ground there is light music playing. Most of the time spent is laying down, I will at times make adjustments to how I am working so a client may be asked to stand, sit or lie down. If a person cannot do these things I will make the adjustment and accommodate. 


For Children I ask that for babies that the parents bring a diaper and a change of clothing. Even if the child was change prior to the appointment they have a tendency to release much faster than adults and may need a changing. Babies and Children are pretty strait forward and their session looks much like an adults. I like to spend a little time getting to talk with the child or play so a stranger is not touching them.  

What can I expect to happen after I leave?

To be honest this is a hard one to answer because everyone is different. One thing is that I always recommend is too drink plenty of water. If not you may feel ill. Trust me it’s not any fun I have made that mistake. I also Recommend to take an epson salt bath after every session. The Epson salt helps pull the toxis that were released from the body. You could feel tired and relaxed like you need a nap, if so take one if you are able. Some feel energized and ready to take on the world and the next task. Most of my clients walk away feeling lighter like a weight has been lifted off of them that they have been carrying for years. 

What can CST help with? 

I have to say this is my most frequently asked question and one that I am happy to answer. The list is long and I am not going to list everything. So if you are suffering with something and are looking for a more natural way of healing please feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. 

Some of the most common things that CST helps with and that I work with are below:

Ear infection, pain, headaches, migraines, sinus problems, hearing problems, sleep, fibromyalgia, trauma physical and emotional, pregnancy, birth, acne, emotional imbalances, Arthritis, balance issues, ADD, ADHD, colic, eating issues, digestive problems and so much more.

What age or gender do you have to be? 

Any age and gender in fact I recommend the younger the better although you are never too old, it is better to catch something early than to catch it late. I have seen clients of all ages, and I have to say I love helping who I can when I can. 

How many sessions will I need?

This is another tough one to answer because again it is different for every one. One thing that I have noticed is in children they tend to need them at the time of a growth spurt. Something that we may have worked on before and that has been gone may come back when the child hits a major time of growth.

How do I make an Appointment?

Super easy you can go to the sessions tab and pick what you would like or if you would like you can give me a call and talk to me on the phone or send me a text, or shoot me an email. Whatever works for you. 

Tina Clay 

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