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Information on Angels Crystals and Stones

I am often asked what I use to protect myself, why and how. The main things I use are Angels, Stones and Crystals. I do use other ways as well and I will be sharing these as well. 


Each Angel or archangel has a different meaning or use. They are around us at all times, many times we just need to ask for them to be with us, sometimes there needs to be a little more effort put in by you to call upon them. I will be sharing with you the 15 Archangels and a few of my personal favorites that I work with the most often. I have made sub tabs under The tab Angels Crystals if you want a more in depth description about each one I have gotten my information from the book "The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to help, Heal, and Assistt You in Everyday Life." By Susan Gregg the Crystal Bible 2, 

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